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Will passing your driving test after being charged with drink driving affect your case?
Hi I’m getting done for a driving charge, I got done on a provisional driving license I’m due in court for it next week, I told my solicitor that I passed my test today and he said I shouldn’t of done it. the question is why? Will it affect my case more. I’m getting done for drink driving and it is my first offence. I’ve never been to court or done anything like this before.


11th April 2022

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Barrister - Drink driving, no insurance, and driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence means a definite ban. Was there an interim ban imposed? Did you ask your solicitor why he said that? He knows all the facts, we don't.

Michael Raby

11th April 2022


Driving Instructor- it makes no difference that you’ve taken your test, except that in exceptional circumstances the court could order a retest. I believe it’s unlikely in your case as you took your test after the offence. I do the rehabilitation courses for drink driving and have had several people on courses who DD’d on a provisional - no difference whatsoever. You may however also be looking at IN10 for no insurance and driving other than in accordance with your licence if these don’t get dropped.

Steve Josephs

12th April 2022

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Court admin - all depends on the nature of the driving offence. It is down to the magistrate on the day in what sentence they give for the offence/s. They will look at any previous convictions that are similar in nature i.e any other driving offences you have on your record. You can seek representation from a solicitor if you want to or the duty solicitor in court may be able to give you advice / guidance

Barbara Patrick

12th April 2022

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NQ - also a drink driving offence may make it hard to get a new job. Make sure you declare it on any future applications.

Florine Quinn

12th April 2022

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