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Will the probate service accept DNA evidence from the CSA that the deceased is the child's father, in order to inherit?
Hypothetical situation... * Man dies without having made a will * Man has one biological child (now an adult) and no stepchildren * Man has no spouse or partner * Biological child does **not** have this man on their birth certificate as father, they have no father listed on their birth certificate at all * However, man was proven via DNA test to be the father of this child many years ago via the CSA * Man was never married to the biological child's mother Will the probate service accept this for the biological child to inherit? Also, what if the original documentation from the CSA has been lost? What evidence is required that the child is the man's child? Thank you.


25th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ - this exact situation happened to me in 2020, although I didn’t have the advantage of a CSA DNA test. You can file a subject access request to CSA for all the files they hold, I’m not sure if it will be enough as I never had that advantage but I should think so as the DNA would have been ID’d etc. I had to do a court ordered and approved DNA test with a half sibling. I then applied to the court for a ‘declaration of parentage’ to have my birth certificate amended in order to be a beneficiary. Throughout this time I was in contact with the estate administrator (who wasn’t very happy about me coming forward), and who had a solicitor who was trying to scare me off. I did it 100% on my own with no legal representation and it was absolutely fine. https:// www.gov.uk/ government/ publications/ form-c63-applica tion-for-declar ation-of-parent age-under-secti on-55a-of-the-f amily-law-act-1 986

Charlie Lyons

25th April 2022


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