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Will they allow me to pay half this week and half next week?
I’m self employed. I owe national insurance and am going to pay. Deadline is 31st jan. Will they allow to pay Half this week and half following week? It will be paid in full by the deadline date? Thanks.

Floyd Lively

31st March 2022

Top Answer
Tax Adviser. Yes

Cary Brown

31st March 2022

NQ. but self-employed as well. I have done that too. You can pay how you can, as long as you pay all to the date. But keep in mind that depending on your chosen payment method the payment may not come in immediately (https:// www.gov.uk/ pay-self-assessm ent-tax-bill) You can make weekly or monthly payments towards your bill, if you prefer (https:// www.gov.uk/ pay-self-assessm ent-tax-bill)

Jason Ray

1st April 2022

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