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Would a name change by Deed be sufficient to make the marriage legal in Italy?
Marriage advice please I am getting married in Italy this June. My name on my birth certificate is my mum's first husband's not my dad's as she kept his surname to avoid changing back again when they divorced. However all my documents - passport, driver's licence are my 'new' surname. This is the name I have always been known by. My parents marriage certificate isn't valid in England as they got married in Jamaica over 25 years ago and never went to sign the official documents. This had never been questioned and we had no idea until I went to apply for a CNI and was informed of the above. My question is, would a name change by Deed be sufficient, would I require the option that is court approved or do I need another form to change my birth certificate to my 'new' name. This is to allow our marriage to be legal in italy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Mary Stakkeland

29th March 2022

Top Answer
NQ - not clear on what you are asking but hope this link helps https:// www.gov.uk/ change-name-deed -poll

Denita Williams

30th March 2022

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