Solicitor Pricing 2023: Comparing Hourly Rates to Fixed and No Win No Fee Work

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The legal market is constantly evolving. With a variety of different solicitor pricing options now available, it can be tricky to decide which is most suitable. In this article we’ll analyse how hourly solicitor rates, fixed fees, and no win no fee arrangements work, what the pros and cons of each respective approach are and how you can decide what’s right for you.

Hourly Solicitor Rates


The most common type of pricing you’ll likely encounter is the hourly rate. Under this model you’ll be charged based on the number of hours your solicitor spends on your case. Your solicitor will be expected to track this figure and should give you a rough expected cost up front.


  1. You only pay for the work done on your case – With hourly rates, you're charged solely for the time your solicitor spends working on your case. This can be advantageous, as you aren't paying for any unutilised time, ensuring that you only pay for the services you receive.

  2. Your solicitor receives fair compensation – When solicitors charge by the hour, they can accurately bill for the time they've dedicated to your case. This benefits both parties, as your solicitor receives fair compensation for their work, and you can be confident that you're paying for their full attention and effort.


  1. Costs can escalate for complex or lengthy cases – The main downside to hourly rates is that costs can grow quickly when your case is particularly complicated or requires an extended amount of time to resolve. This could result in high legal costs, which might be difficult to manage if you have a limited budget.

  2. Difficulty predicting the total cost upfront – Another drawback of hourly rates is the challenge in estimating the total cost at the beginning of your case. Since you are billed based on the time your solicitor spends working on your case, it's often hard to predict how long it will take to reach a resolution. This uncertainty can create financial stress and anxiety, as you may be unsure about the final cost of your work.

Our thoughts on hourly rates

At Lawhive we aren’t very big fans of hourly rates. More often than not they lead to higher fees and unwelcome surprises. If you are thinking about getting legal help from a solicitor we recommend that you instead look for a solicitor willing to offer fixed or No Win No Fee

Fixed Fee Pricing

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If you're looking for a straightforward and predictable way to pay then fixed fees might be the right fit for you. With a fixed fee you'll pay a fixed amount for a specific legal service agreed between you and your solicitor. This makes it easier to budget and plan for your legal expenses. Let's dive deeper into the pros and cons.


  1. Cost certainty: One of the main benefits of fixed fees is that you'll know exactly how much you'll be paying for a particular legal service. This can make it much easier to budget and manage your finances, giving you peace of mind.

  2. Simplified billing: Fixed fees take the guesswork out of billing, as you'll be paying a set amount for a specific service. This means no more unexpected surprises when it comes time to pay your bill.

  3. Encourages efficiency: Since your solicitor will be working for a predetermined fee, they may be more motivated to complete your case efficiently and effectively, ensuring you get the most value for your money.


  1. Limited flexibility: Fixed fees can be a bit inflexible, as they're based on an estimated amount of work required for a specific legal service. If you end up needing further help from your solicitor on the same or a related matter you’ll likely have to make a second payment

  2. Potential for overpaying: With fixed fees, there's a chance you could end up overpaying if your case is resolved more quickly than anticipated. If you go with them it’s important to do your research beforehand to make sure the amount you are paying is fair and in line with how much solicitors charge on average for similar work.

Is a fixed fee solicitor right for me?

Overall, fixed fees can be an attractive option if you're looking for cost certainty and a simplified payment process and are happy doing a little bit of research into your legal matter and what a fair cost is beforehand.

No win no fee


No win no fee arrangements, also known as conditional fee agreements (CFAs), are a pricing model where solicitors only receive payment if they win the case. This model is popular in personal injury and medical negligence claims but are also sometimes seen in other matters that involve court action such as cancelled flight refunds. CFAs can be a good solution if you don’t have a big budget.


Financial risk reduction: One of the biggest advantages of no win no fee agreements is that you, as the client, don't have to worry about financial risk. If your case isn't successful, you won't owe any legal fees to your solicitor, which can bring peace of mind during a stressful legal process.

Incentivised solicitors: With this pricing model, your solicitor's payment is directly tied to the outcome of your case. This means they'll be highly motivated to secure the best possible result for you, as their own success is contingent upon your success.


Potentially higher fees if successful: While no win no fee arrangements remove the financial risk for clients, they can result in higher fees and charges if the case is successful. Your solicitor may charge a "success fee" in addition to their standard fee, which can sometimes be a substantial percentage of the compensation you receive.

Selectivity of cases: Solicitors operating on a no win no fee basis may be more selective about the cases they take on, as they bear the risk of not getting paid if the case is unsuccessful. This could potentially limit your options when it comes to finding representation for riskier or less clear-cut cases.

Is no win no fee right for me?

When determining if a no win no fee arrangement is suitable for you, consider your financial situation, the nature of your case, and your risk tolerance. This pricing model can be an attractive option if you have limited funds or are pursuing a high-risk claim. However, remember that the potential for higher fees upon success may offset the initial benefits. Weigh these factors carefully before making a decision.

Comparing Hourly Rates, Fixed Fees, and No Win No Fee


How much are you willing or able to spend on legal fees? If you have a limited budget or prefer more predictable costs, fixed fees might be a better fit. On the other hand, if you're comfortable with a more variable cost structure, hourly rates or no win no fee arrangements could be more suitable.

Risk tolerance

How comfortable are you with taking on financial risk in your legal matter? If you prefer a lower risk option, fixed fees or no win no fee arrangements may be more appealing. However, if you're willing to accept some degree of risk, hourly rates could be a better choice.

Nature of your case

The complexity and length of your case can also impact which pricing model is most appropriate. For straightforward, routine legal work, fixed fees may be the best option. For more complex or uncertain cases, hourly rates or no win no fee arrangements might be more suitable.

Finding a solicitor that offers what you need

Not all solicitors offer all fee types and certain fee types won’t be available for all types of legal work (you won’t be offered no win no fee unless your case involves financial compensation). Start by conducting thorough research on the solicitor you plan to work with. Legal directories such as the Law society directory can be helpful resources. These platforms allow you to compare fees, read client reviews, and obtain quotes from multiple solicitors to make an informed decision. You could also use Lawhive. Our mission is to make access to the law easy and affordable. We work with hand-picked expert solicitors that all work on a fixed fee basis at a fraction of the price of a high street law firm.

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