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Solicitors on the Lawhive panel earn on average £80,000* of new billables per year and reduce admin costs by up to 60%*

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* Estimate based on a number of factors of using the Lawhive platform

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Flexible Growth for your practice

Lawhive provides you with a ongoing feed of clients and matters in your specialist legal areas. Take on new clients and matters at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Focus on the legal work

We'll handle acquiring clients, collecting compliance infomation, invoicing, payments, and customer support. Our online platform and customer success team lets you focus on what you do best.

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Sign up to Lawhive as a solicitor for free online. Our online platform is accessible 24/7 and doesn't require any training or knowledge of technology to use.


Who are we?

Lawhive is an online platform designed for solicitors to take on new pre-qualified clients, and work with them online in a safe and compliant way.

We're building the largest network of solicitors in the UK who offer transparently priced services to individuals and businesses.

How does it work for solicitors?

Whether operating as a freelancer or in a firm, Lawhive offers a convenient way to receive instructions and deliver a great experience to clients.

Lawhive can become your main source of income, or supplement your existing work.

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    Sign up for free to join the Lawhive panel
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    Receive high-quality instructions and choose the work you want to take on
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    We'll onboard the client and perform SRA compliant identity and AML checks
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    Work with the client online, with support from the lawhive support team. We even automate the billing and collect payment on your behalf

We require all solicitors to be regulated and licensed with the SRA. Legal services are provided to clients by your regulated practice through the Lawhive platform.

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Client Onboarding and Compliance

We qualify and onboard new clients and ensure your time is not spent filtering through low-quality requests.

Save time by letting us perform identity, KYC and AML checks, using the latest in SRA-compliant digital ID verification technology.

"Neither the money laundering regulations, nor guidance require firms to see or verify original documents, so if a firm is using a technology solution to obtain and verify identification documents, they wouldn't be required to duplicate those checks themselves by calling in originals."

- Colette Best - Director of AML, Solicitor's Regulation Authority (SRA)

Billing and Payments

Never chase late payments, wait for bank transfers or stress over refunds again.

When you join the Lawhive panel, you will set up a payments account with our independent, FCA regulated payment partner. This allows you to compliantly receive funds directly from your clients into your practice's client account.

Each time you accept an instruction, we automatically invoice the client on your behalf.

A dedicated customer success team to help you and your client have a great experience

Lawhive removes the hassle of chasing payments, lenghtly compliance and AML procedures or reminding clients to act. We're here to remove all client headaches so you can focus on whats's important: providing excellent legal services.

No upfront fees or subscriptions

Lawhive is free to sign up to and use. Lawhive collects a fee on anything billed through the platform. If you don't take on instructions, there's nothing to pay!

We're shaping the future of legal services

Lawhive was founded by a team who are passionate about making legal services simpler, more convenient and accessible to anyone.

We're building the largest network of solicitors in the UK who offer transparently priced services to individuals and businesses and enabling them to work online in a safe and compliant way.

We're based in the UK and backed by leading investors who previously backed companies like Zoopla, Tide, LoveFilm and Shazam.

We carefully select the solicitors and firms who work through our platform to ensure they meet our high standards and have all the necessary regulatory permissions and specialist experience to operate.


Grow your firm and focus on what you're good at

Whether operating as a freelancer, in a sole practice or firm, Lawhive offers a convenient way to receive instructions and deliver a great experience to clients.

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