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Julieann qualified as a solicitor in 2013 and specialises in housing litigation, she is very passionate about justice for people, she also holds a master’s degree in construction law and Practice.

There are a rising numbers of people living in precarious housing, many of whom are unaware their issues have a legal solution, that they have legal rights to ensure that they are living in a safe and healthy home which landlords are ignoring.

Julieann advises and represents clients whose homes are suffering from disrepair.  This includes but is not limited to damp, structures of the building, broken plumbing, roof leaks, water leaks, blocked pipes and drains, electrical issues.

Julieann has successfully challenged many landlords and forced them whether by negotiation or through the courts to carry out repairs so that tenants no longer live in homes that are not fit for habitation in addition claiming obtaining compensation for those tenants living in terrible conditions.

Julieann carries out housing disrepair claims on a conditional fee agreement (or "no win no fee"). Unlike most law firms, she does not charge a success fee. Most solicitors/claims management firms will take 25% minimum from clients compensation, and some take more.

Julieann has a calming nature and is very approachable. She builds good relationships with her clients and passionately fights for her clients to achieve a good outcome.

Julieann can also assist with leaseholder disrepair, unlawful eviction, and debt enforcement.

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