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When is bullying at work constructive dismissal?

When is bullying at work constructive dismissal?

Workplace bullying is when someone persecutes you at work, for example they might try to humiliate you or intimidate you.

There's no legal definition of bullying and workplace bullying can take many different forms.

What are some examples of bullying?

  • A co-worker is spreading malcious rumours or gossip about you
  • Your manager or colleague humiliates you in front of others
  • You are given meaningless or impossible tasks
  • You're excluded from a project or work team to humilate you
  • You are picked on by colleagues
  • Your manager threatens you with the sack without reason
  • You are physically or verbally abused at work
  • You are attacked or gossiped about on social media like Facebook

What can you do?

Nobody has to put up with being bullied at work. You have legal rights and many options.

The first step is to talk to someone. That might be a trade union representative or an expert employment solicitor.

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