Gil Spurling

SRA Licensed Solicitor

Specialises in:

Drug Offences
Criminal Law

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Gilbert Spurling is a partner, higher court advocate and criminal solicitor with extensive experience of criminal defence work at all levels. You will find some of his recent cases here. Gil is a true specialist and his criminal defence work ranges from murders and conspiracy to murder, through complex and serious frauds, to high value thefts, assaults, money laundering and complicated drugs conspiracies including many county lines cases. In some cases Gil acts as both litigator, preparing the case, and as the advocate at trial. He initially trained as a barrister and so is very aware of the way cases present at trial. Recent cases include defending in several murder cases, international frauds, high value drugs conspiracies, the blockade of an arms fair, firearms offences, arson and a murder case arising out of the killing of an informer.

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