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Kavon Hussain

SRA Licensed Solicitor

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Consumer Rights Solicitors is a specialist consumer credit law firm and our team are experts in their field. Our specialists are able to provide advice on all aspects of consumer finance including:

– BrightHouse affordability claims;
– Payday lending affordability claims;
– Secret commission and mis-selling cases on mortgage and secured loan agreements;
– Plevin litigation (for those with unreclaimed PPI);
– Car credit cases for mis-sold agreements;
– Mortgages arrears cases (where clients have been overcharged on their arrears);
– Debt write-off cases (where clients want to challenge the validity and enforceability of their debts, especially where those debts have been sold on).

Our reputation and experience means that banks, finance houses and lending organisations are aware from an early stage that they are dealing with a firm who understands the mechanics and nuances of consumer finance.

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