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I am an experienced litigator and advocate having attended in excess of 300 Court hearings since 2015, acting for businesses and individuals in relation to litigation and debt recovery work. I have Higher Rights of Audience which means that I can represent clients in all the Courts including the High Court and the Supreme Court.

I am familiar with and regularly advise clients on all aspects of property law, enforcing charges, orders for sale, possession proceedings and dealing with commercial tenancies, dilapidations, contested renewals of business leases, service charge disputes, obtaining breach of covenant declarations, forfeiture and relief, residential and commercial properties and the use and control of Property Guardians.

If you have a claim for non payment and where there is not a genuine defence, I use expedited debt collection procedures involving bankruptcy or corporate insolvency. If a debtor disputes the claim, I will argue your case that the dispute is not genuine and in that event the bankruptcy or corporate insolvency Orders will be made.

Present high profile cases include a breach of warranty claim arising out of an acquisition and acting for an overseas investor against wrong doing by a foreign exchange company and collecting money for a franchising business despite claims shown to be spurious by the franchisee.

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