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Local Solicitors in Dunstable

Our directory of solicitors in Derbyshire who can help you with your legal matter.

  • ChildrenCivil LitigationCommercial / Business LawCommercial ConveyancingCommercial Law
    Our outstanding family associate, Kuljit Lally, has been working with clients on challenging cases for more than 20 years. Her experience includes a significant period of employment with Adams Moore, a respected family law firm where she worked as Supervising Solicitor. She brings a strong backgroun
  • ChildrenFamily LawHuman RightsImmigrationTribunals
    Our firm focuses on developing innovative resolutions for every case. We take into account every circumstance and event with due diligence in order to adapt to the needs of clients.We take pride in exceeding the expectations of clients’ every day whether it is a Family, Civil, Employment or Immigrat
  • ChildrenCivil LitigationCivil PartnershipsClinical NegligenceCourt Claims
    Great solicitor eager to take on brand new challenges
  • Commercial LawCorporate
    Julian is an expert in liquor licensing and entertainment law and has undertaken cases throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

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